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The Changing DB Landscape - June 2013

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The Code of Practice for Incentive Excercises - How you can offer member choice and manage liabilities. - July 2012
Margaret Snowdon OBE, Chair of the Industry Working Group, discussed how the Group considered (and rejected) many options in order to deliver a proportionate approach, balancing the need for member protection with the desire for practicality and allowing well-run member choice exercises to continue.
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The Pensions Blackhole: There is an escape - May 2012
JLT Pension Capital Strategies issued a call to arms to shareholders and Finance Directors of Defined Benefit pension schemes: make sure you get something back for the money you spend on your schemes. Instead of just aiming for the assets of your scheme to one day meet its liabilities, why not fund and finance your pension scheme more effectively so that one day the liabilities will meet the assets?

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Buyout - March 2011
Full buyout is seen as the Holy Grail for pension scheme sponsors and trustees but boardroom discussions on the topic are currently floundering because of the perceived cost. However, there are new, sophisticated, and often surprisingly affordable, intermediate solutions available that will enable subsequent full buyout to become more attainable.
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"Decommissioning" Private Sector Defined Benefit Pension Schemes - June 2010
These events included the results of our most recent survey on pension scheme decommissioning, which reflected the views of over 100 Defined Benefit (DB) pension scheme sponsors and trustees.
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