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Closed Defined Benefit Schemes - A Solution

Closed Defined Benefit Schemes - A Solution

De-risking Solution for Employers and Trustees

Press release - JLT Pension Capital Strategies Launch De-risking Solution for Employers and Trustees


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Closed Scheme Platform

OurClosed Scheme Platform enables the employer and the trustees to sign up jointly to a plan that targets an exit strategy within a given number of years in an efficient and cost effective manner. Many sponsors are working with their advisers to look at de-commissioning of the liabilities and that is part of the process, but it extends wider than just focusing on liabilities, de-risking the other aspect of the scheme - the assets, and in particular how you would move over time to cover, or "match", the remaining liabilities whilst making your way along the longer-term path to eventually buying out the scheme.

The platform incorporates a number of features designed to meet the objectives of both the Trustees and the sponsor:

  • A bundled product that targets scheme exit.
  • A efficient administration, actuarial and advisory service which meets a pension scheme's obligations.
  • A focused administration service, including full data cleanse streams, targeting scheme closure and settlement.
  • Automatic and continuous liability management through regular enhanced transfer values, pension increase exchanges, immediate vesting personal pensions and early retirement exercises;
  • Automatic de-risking of investment strategy as asset performance allows
  • Regular monitoring of progress against agreed strategy.




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