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Liability Management

Very few Boards are prepared for the way new economic, demographic and regulatory changes have altered the pensions landscape.

Advice, if it comes at all, is delivered via Trustee advisers, who are often conflicted in their views and make recommendations in isolation from wider corporate financial management. In addition, the balance of power with regard to funding strategy - for most schemes how and when to make good a large deficit - has swung strongly towards the Trustees of schemes who are supported by the Pensions Regulator (tPR).

We are differentiated by the holistic, independent and corporate-wide view we take.

Managing a range of advisers, and interpreting the often highly technical nature of the advice, is simply impractical for most companies. Boards require, and should be demanding, practical implementation of strategies to deal with pension obligations in the context of the company's overall financial and strategic plans as a whole.

We work continuously with private equity houses, corporate lawyers, insolvency practitioners and finance directors and they all tell us that there is a substantial need for specialist advice to companies regarding their pension liability risk. This is not simply a matter of an actuary providing the company with liability numbers; there must be broad base of consultancy as to what to do about it.

At JLT Employee Benefits we craft ideas and approaches and distill all the options down into one creative, realistic and appropriate solution.


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